Japan in January 2017…

Japan… for me had always been the far away land full of wonder and mystery. Traveling to Japan had always seemed far fetched and thus never thought of that much . On the other hand it had always been on my husbands bucket list. His fascination and curiosity for the island nation had always exceeded mine.

Few years back while we were dating and getting to know each other we would often express our love for travel and how we would go to places far and wide. He would often reply ‘Japan’, when I would ask him for that one place which would be his dream destination. It did make me happy to hear this but we would then agree, almost unanimously that we would have to work and save rigorously for going there and it may happen but later in life. Who knew we would manage to do our epic trip so early on! 😀

Finally in January of 2017 we headed out on our first huge (huge in many ways) trip. And it was legendary! I can’t seem to get over the fact even now. We still smile at the mention of Japan, can’t stop telling all about the trip and recommending it our family and friends. It was definitely an experience and a new way of looking at how even the most basic things can be made more user friendly and convenient. Trip to Japan was also an eye opener in many ways. The kind (and I can’t stress enough on the fact that the people there are really very kind) people were so helpful; going out of their way to help. Even though one may not find many who speak English there they definitely know the language of humanity and empathy fluently.

Having written a whole post dedicated to how wonderful the trip was, I will be writing more about the trip in the posts to follow. About the itinerary and other things to help you plan a trip to Japan.


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