hello world !

Hi !

I am excited as I am finally writing my very first post 🙂 . I have been planning to this for a while now but somehow seem to keep delaying it. I guess it is part anxiety and part laziness; but today my desire to write and to connect with more people far and wide and to be able to tell my stories has got the better of me !

Since its my first post (very first ….!!) I want to take a minute to reflect on why do I want to do this…which also means I am going to tell you, my friend what I will be sharing here.

I am one of those people who loves to communicate. I love to talk and share stories, experiences and also like to debate-discuss topics i feel about and think about (I am also a good listener). Off late I have enjoyed reading and contemplating on things shared by so many lovely people out there. I have actually been inspired by all those people out there who are fearless and bold enough to tell there tales and express their views. So, I decided its about time I did the same.

Having no knowledge about writing blogs, I went through a rigorous effort of trying to figure out how its done. Most places the writer highlighted need for a theme and I could not seem to figure out one. I love to do many things (like many of us do) also i do not feel I am ‘the it person’ on any particular topic. I am still learning and adapting each day.

Cutting the long story short I decided the theme for my blog will be me. This will be my corner where I will share my dreams, thoughts, experiments and travels. A little bit of everything and things I do/did to keep the magic alive in my life.

So, you my friend who has managed to read through this passage, hope you stay along with me in the rest of this journey !


(p.s. Yes, I am a gossip girl fan and have been imagining this sign-off ever since, that the day i write a blog, I definitely would love to sign off this way at least once 😉 )


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